A dilemma story

The Football Kit kids, who were being mean to Daisy, did not let her join in .”If you don’t have one you can’t join in!” taunted her brother’s and sister’s.They had all had birthdays and got what they wanted, except Daisy. She didn’t like her brother’s or sister’s anymore and from then on would not play or speak to them, but they kept on being mean. 

The Boxer Boyz

Chris,a 21 year old chap with straight-brown hair, more than anything wanted a pair of black and white boxing gloves.He wanted these to join the big, bad Boxer Boyz! Sadly, his mum,who was ageing very quickly,wouldn’t buy him a pair of the magnificent gloves just so he wouldn’t join that very stupid boxing group!

By Brandon 


The video game boyz

Max, an 11 year old boy with chocolate brown hair, loved video games. He desperately wanted to join The Video Game Boys. But sadly, his mum wouldn’t buy him a controller. One evening he was thinking how lucky Brandon,James and Tom who was the leader were to join the  group.


The orange hat boy

When Bob went to school all of his friends chanted , ” You’re not an Orange hat boy” . On Tuesday, Bob asked Roberto if he could play he said ”No!” tears started rolling down his cheeks. He always dreams of being in the Orange Hat gang.

The Xbox buddies

Sam,a sixteen year old boy ,with straight brown hair, more than anything wanted a black Xbox to join the Xbox buddies.Sadly, his unhappy dad refused to buy him one because he couldn’t work at home plus they had spent most of their money renting their house and going on Pointless.

my dillema story

At the end of a spectacular day,Bob was walking across the field to football club ,when he saw a brand spanking new orange cap.He quickly picked it up, looked at the name tag , it was Charlies!

A paragraph of my Dilemma story



The Hat Gang

Later, Georgina , tip – toeing quietly, came out of college whipping a fat, soggy tear from her emerald green eye. The Hat Gang still refused to let her join, so the started bullying her EVEN MORE!!! She slowly sat down on a blue bench, and sobbed. The wind rushed round making groaning sounds, swiftly carrying golden yellow, crunchy leaves. She shuddered and headed off to her warm, welcoming, college flat.

Moments later, she was staring down at a lime green flap hat with a muddy, sunflower yellow star on the front. Without thinking she gingerly picked the hat up and rapidly tried to shoved it down her denim trouser pocket. It wouldn’t fit! Distressed, Georgina could hear faint chatter from the Hat Gang. Like a spinning top, she zoomed round and saw shadows looming round the corner! Desperately, she crunched it up and yanked it down even more wildly. Now the hat Gang were round the corner blabbering away. An upset girl was shuffling behind. It was Lisa! Georgina released what she had done was wrong!!!  

By Bethan

An extract of a dilemma story

Eventually, the end-of-school bell rang.”Finally!” Sam groaned. He got his things ready and left. Once he hit the snowy street,he went to look in awe at all of the sweets in the sweet shop. Then, he dropped his blue Nike bag outside the shop. After that, he went inside. He was in there for about 20 minutes, when he came out empty handed, all of a sudden, there were two bags which had the Nike logo. He picked his own bag up and under it he found a… unscratched halo disc?! Without thinking, he quickly shoved it into his Nike bag. Running swiftly,he turned a corner… and forgot his bag was open…                                        When he finally finished turning the corner,the disc which was sitting on top of Sam’s two year old bag, slid off onto the snow-caked kerb.



My dilemma story

Bob, a fifteen year old boy with dark ginger curly hair, wanted more than anything, an orange hat. If only he had one, frustrated lonely Bob, could join the Orange Hat Gang. Unfortunately his mum would not buy him one because he already had a white one.

Caitlin’s dilemma story

Chloe an eleven year old hat lover,had long blonde hair.If only she had a hat she would be able to join the Hat Club which was ran by her older brothers and sisters. Chloe would ask everyday but mum didn’t agree to it. All mum was bothered about was her other siblings. So she decided to ask her dad. The tall dad ,eating a piece of popcorn,while watching Harry Kane score a goal, jumped. Dad didn’t agree,Chloe felt lost on who to ask.