Quickly,Bob came out of the class to wash his hands and found a  Euro Poster on the floor. He thought it was Norbert’s who was the leader of the Euro Poster Gang.He tried to fit in his pocket. Unfortunately, it was too big, so he stuffed it down the sleeve of his raincoat .The boy, running round the circle, thought, why did I do that?  He felt so dizzy. He realised what he had done was wrong.

7 thoughts on “THE EURO POSTER GANG

  1. Blake what a brilliant noun phrase!
    In your next piece of work this is your target to use is a drop in clause.

  2. great story Blake 🙂
    You have used great punctuation for this but you could improve by putting less commas. 😉

  3. good information on who some one was like Norbert who was the leader of the Euro Poster could improve on more adjective in your first paragraph like glamorous Euro posters Gang.

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