A paragraph of my Dilemma story



The Hat Gang

Later, Georgina , tip – toeing quietly, came out of college whipping a fat, soggy tear from her emerald green eye. The Hat Gang still refused to let her join, so the started bullying her EVEN MORE!!! She slowly sat down on a blue bench, and sobbed. The wind rushed round making groaning sounds, swiftly carrying golden yellow, crunchy leaves. She shuddered and headed off to her warm, welcoming, college flat.

Moments later, she was staring down at a lime green flap hat with a muddy, sunflower yellow star on the front. Without thinking she gingerly picked the hat up and rapidly tried to shoved it down her denim trouser pocket. It wouldn’t fit! Distressed, Georgina could hear faint chatter from the Hat Gang. Like a spinning top, she zoomed round and saw shadows looming round the corner! Desperately, she crunched it up and yanked it down even more wildly. Now the hat Gang were round the corner blabbering away. An upset girl was shuffling behind. It was Lisa! Georgina released what she had done was wrong!!!  

By Bethan

7 thoughts on “A paragraph of my Dilemma story

  1. Sooooooooooo great. Love the story itself. It makes me reilise what life is like for people. Love the adjectives drop – ing clause. 🙂

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