The football story (dilemma)

He looked at the football.It was Bob Jeffry’s Premier League ball. Suddenly,ย without him noticing, he had the dilemma of whether to pick it up or to leave it. If he left it the meanness would continue, if Josh kept the ball he would be noticed. Finally, Josh made up his mind he would take the football, so, he stuffed it in his brand new blue bag, waiting to go home. At home time, Josh as quick as a cheater, whizzed home!!! When he was home, he decided to check if he still had it .It was gone! Later that day, Josh sat beside the window staring out into the heavy rain.


15 thoughts on “The football story (dilemma)

  1. I like the fab simile you added in (as quick as a cheater)
    maybe add a noun phrase such as sneaky Josh

    good work keep it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Good adjective such as he stuffed it in his new blue bag

    But you could of added a sub conjugation such as even though he new it wasn’t right to take the football.

    good though

    • Excellent feedback! You have used the wrong homophone for one of your words – can you or anyone else see what this might be?

  3. Andrew Andrew Andrew I LOVE your story you have put a lot of things I love in there for example, adverbs and your punctuation is great so you go boy

  4. Great amount of adjectives Eg: heavy rain.But you could use better words such as instead of staring you could of used gazed or glared

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