An extract of Jack’s Dilemma story

One Sunday afternoon,when Joe’s Mum was busy at work,Joe decided to go to the skate park on his scooter.He noticed a yellow and red skateboard just left there. As he moved closer Joe realised it was Theo’s so he stuffed it in his bag.”It’s too big”he muttered to himself, he had to have it stick out of his bag. Suddenly, he heard a murmur he knew it was Theo so he ran as fast as his legs could carry him before Theo realised.

5 thoughts on “An extract of Jack’s Dilemma story

  1. Jack you have used a great selection of punctuation and adjectives

    As well as you could also improve by using different words instead of using 3 times in a row and using theo 3 times as well so you could improve it and help your learning or not help your learning so your decision jack other than that it is absolutely perfect. 🙂

  2. Good drop in clause when Joes mum was busy at work

    Good conjunctions suddenly
    Good adjectives muttered ,red, yellow
    Good adverbial phrase one Sunday afternoon,
    Good simile as fast as

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