The dilemma story

Later, when mum got home she had brought him a present, it was a sun hat but he couldn’t  wear it to school because everyone would think it was Jack’s.  On Monday, Josh saw that Jack was wearing his blue sun hat .Shyly, he asked “Did you buy a new sun hat?”

Jack loudly replied, ” No it  was in the front of my bag!”

7 thoughts on “The dilemma story

  1. instead of just later, you could do later that day so that the reader knows what time of day it is and what you are talking about.

  2. That’s a good piece of work good speech punctuation used!
    Next time maybe you could try and use a noun phrase.

  3. good story Cameron

    I have a suggestion for a adjective to discribe the hat
    how about the bright sea blue sun hat

    well done keep it up 🙂

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