A dilemma story

The Football Kit kids, who were being mean to Daisy, did not let her join in .”If you don’t have one you can’t join in!” taunted her brother’s and sister’s.They had all had birthdays and got what they wanted, except Daisy. She didn’t like her brother’s or sister’s anymore and from then on would not play or speak to them, but they kept on being mean. 

6 thoughts on “A dilemma story

  1. Love your drop in clause. Unfortunately, not an – ing clause. Maybe to make it one you could do The Football Kids, playing Football, didn’t let her join in. Also great speech punctuation such as:

    “If you don’t have one you can’t join in!”

    LOVE IT GIRL!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Good speech punctuation such as .,!””
    Try to include more adverbs such as Quickly,Slowly

    Well done! Want to here more!

  3. Hello good use of drop in clause but you could of used an ing drop in clause like
    The football kit kids,being mean to daisy, did not let her join.

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