Tucana class of 2018

Below you will find, over the course of the year, some of the learning that we have been doing in school.

The first blog will be about recounts.  The children will put up examples of their recounts, based on a video about an intrepid explorer, Tadeo Jones.

The aim is for the other children to comment on some of the features that the children have used in their stories, based on what we have been learning.  These features include:

fronted adverbials

effective and deliberate adjective and verb choices

Beginning to use complex sentences effectively in their writing.


Mr Davies

The Necklace story

Abi, a 15 year old girl with blond straight long hair, lived with her dad. She more than any thing wanted a necklace . Her dad said ” No ! you have a lot of necklaces ! Abi said they are not any old necklaces . It represents you. Dad said sorry Abi I cant buy you a necklace.


Quickly,Bob came out of the class to wash his hands and found a  Euro Poster on the floor. He thought it was Norbert’s who was the leader of the Euro Poster Gang.He tried to fit in his pocket. Unfortunately, it was too big, so he stuffed it down the sleeve of his raincoat .The boy, running round the circle, thought, why did I do that?  He felt so dizzy. He realised what he had done was wrong.

The Ruby Girls

Millie, a twelve year old girl with long black straight hair, more than any thing wanted a Ruby. If only she had one, then lonely, angry Millie could join the Ruby Girls. Unfortunately,her mum refused to buy her one.

The dilemma story

Later, when mum got home she had brought him a present, it was a sun hat but he couldn’t  wear it to school because everyone would think it was Jack’s.  On Monday, Josh saw that Jack was wearing his blue sun hat .Shyly, he asked “Did you buy a new sun hat?”

Jack loudly replied, ” No it  was in the front of my bag!”

my extraction

One stormy day,there was once a boy called Martin. Martin loved eating biscuits and drinking hot coffee, also Martin loved playing football. One day,he felt he was losing all his friends,furthermore,he asked his friends if he could join the Video Chaps but they said ”NO!”

An extract of Jack’s Dilemma story

One Sunday afternoon,when Joe’s Mum was busy at work,Joe decided to go to the skate park on his scooter.He noticed a yellow and red skateboard just left there. As he moved closer Joe realised it was Theo’s so he stuffed it in his bag.”It’s too big”he muttered to himself, he had to have it stick out of his bag. Suddenly, he heard a murmur he knew it was Theo so he ran as fast as his legs could carry him before Theo realised.

The football story (dilemma)

He looked at the football.It was Bob Jeffry’s Premier League ball. Suddenly, without him noticing, he had the dilemma of whether to pick it up or to leave it. If he left it the meanness would continue, if Josh kept the ball he would be noticed. Finally, Josh made up his mind he would take the football, so, he stuffed it in his brand new blue bag, waiting to go home. At home time, Josh as quick as a cheater, whizzed home!!! When he was home, he decided to check if he still had it .It was gone! Later that day, Josh sat beside the window staring out into the heavy rain.


An extract of my Dilemma story

Harry,a 16 year old boy with straight black hair, more than anything wanted a poster. If lonely,unhappy Harry had a poster he could join the Poster Boys. Unfortunately, his broke parents,who spend  there money on lottery tickets,never would of helped anyway.